The company's grassroots in 1993 and 2000, officially registered as Yeou Chern Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., for many years uphold the "integrity, responsibility, innovation, service" business philosophy and belief in customer service, the manufacture of machinery and equipment to various types of automated special machine-based, with the whole factory automation machinery and equipment, with the development of market potential.

Over the past decade have always maintained the belief to upgrade the industry automation, and continuously development, and manufacturing all types of special machines, by virtue of years of accumulated experience, continuous introduction of innovative equipment for the industry.

The Company's engineering configuration as follows: administrative, business, design, electric control, processing and manufacturing, and other five major units.
Administration:Management of the affairs and plant materials.
Business / design:orders and items of equipmentdesigned to control the function of communication and design.
Electric control:in accordance with the design concept planning and implementation of the automatic mode and functional tests.
Processing and manufacturing:responsible for assembly of spare parts and equipment adjustments.

The final to complete tuning equipment is by design, electronically controlled and manufacturing tripartite examine and most importantly to delivery machines and after-sales service is also performed by the company's electrical and manufacturing personnel.

Just because this so that we can better the service team will be assembled on the process of loss to a minimum.
To create a profit for our clients peace of mind to use automation equipment.